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How to restring hoodie in just 2 seconds?

How to restring hoodie in just 2 seconds?
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When you use the dryer it often happens that the string of the hoodie and pajama pants come out.

Don't waste precious time trying to put it back. The Today website reveals a great tip to make your life easier!


- a stapler

- a straw

- a few seconds of your time

How to do:

1. Insert one end of the drawstring into the straw, about 1/2 inch beyond the aglet

Anna De Sousa

2. Staple through the cotton drawstring.

Anna de Sousa

3. Then put the straw in the eyelet of the hoodie and push it gently. Gather and smooth until the straw reaches the opposite eyelet.

4. Then remove the staple from the drawstring.

There you go!

Watch the video below:

Source: Today · Photo Credit: Anna De Sousa

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