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How to thoroughly clean a stove hood filter!

How to thoroughly clean a stove hood filter!
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Baking soda does miracles in the kitchen. Here is an effective technique for cleaning your stove hood filter. If there is something I hate cleaning, it is the filter of my hood! With this technique, the task becomes a lot less daunting.


-Boiling water
-Degreasing dish soap (Dawn works very well)
-Baking soda
-A non-abrasive brush
-And paper towels or a clean cloth


-Fill your sink with boiling water. Hot tap water works, but is a little less efficient.
-Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda and a good amount of dish soap in the water.
-Stir the water (with a large utensil to avoid burning yourself) until it is soapy.
-Put your filter in the water and submerge it. Make sure it is completely underwater.
-Let soak for at least 10 minutes.
-After soaking, take a non-abrasive scrubbing brush and scrub the filter.
-Add more dish soap on your brush if necessary.
-Rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water and dry with paper towels or a clean cloth.
-It is suggested to clean the filter of your stove hood once a month.


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