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How to wash and take care of your beautiful sweaters?

How to wash and take care of your beautiful sweaters?
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What we like in autumn and winter is to take out our cozy and warm sweaters. Sweaters, scarves, dresses and cozy cardigans are essential for a warm and comfortable winter.

But we must not forget that virgin wool, cashmere, alpaca wool or mohair require special care. If you want to keep them for a longtime.

You need to know some tricks to wash and store them to keep them beautiful as long as possible. Here are some tips :

1. Never hang sweaters on hangers

If you are used to hang your sweaters on hangers in the wardrobe, stop this immediately, because it deforms them.

Fold them instead and put them on a shelf in your closet. Take them out at least once a month.

To prevent your sweaters from deforming after washing, do not use clothespins to hang them. Spread out on a dry towel and leave to dry.

2. Wash them less often!

To keep the sweaters beautiful you need to wash them less often. The wool does not need to be washed too often. After wearing them, air your sweaters for 24 to 48 hours and wash them only after wearing them several times (paying attention to the stains, of course). The washing machine deforms your clothes and increases the risk of lint balls!

3. Do not use fabric softener

No fabric softener needed: when washing your sweaters, avoid this product, because it is aggressive for wool and for all delicate natural fiber fabrics.

4. Wash at low temperature

To wash the wool, run cycles at low temperature and never exceed 30 degrees, otherwise the wool will shrink and you will end up with sweaters for baby!


4. Do not use scissors

To remove lint from your sweaters, never use scissors because you could make holes. Remove them with a razor.

5. Be careful with the iron

In general, we do not need to iron a sweater. If necessary, to iron it without damaging it, turn it over and use a damp cloth over it. Iron with steam or at very low temperature.

6. Do not wring out

After washing your wool, do not wring it by hand so will not twist the fiber and deform it. Put your sweaters in a pillowcase and run a soft spin cycle.

How to remove stains from wool :

Red wine stain: soak the garment in warm milk.

Coffee stain: Rub the stain with a cloth dampened with a mixture of ammonia, glycerin and water.

Chewing gum stain: Place ice cubes on the stain to freeze the chewing gum and remove it easily

Blood stain: soak the garment in a basin of cold water (never hot) in which an aspirin tablet has been dissolved.


Some specific tips:

  • Alpaca wool should be washed by hand, using a mild shampoo and gently wring it in a towel without twisting it.
  • Cashmere can be washed in the machine, cold, delicate cycle.
  • Angora should be washed by hand in warm water with mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo). You should avoid soaking, twisting or wringing out an angora sweater, because you could deform it forever.

Now that you know how to take care of your sweaters, we wish you a cozy winter!

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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