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How to wrap an oversized gift without any apparent crease

How to wrap an oversized gift without any apparent crease
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Do you have big gifts to wrap this year? You have not found wrapping paper large enough to cover it properly?

The video below gives you the ideal solution to your problem.

You will need:

- Some rolls of Kraft paper (according to the size of the box)

- Adhesive tape and double-sided tape

- Twine

- Some rolls of wide and red ribbon

- Scissors

How to do:

1) Start by wrapping one side of the box even if the box is not completely covered.

2) Then pack the other side of the box.

3) Now use the twine to measure the outline of the box. Unroll the wrapping paper on the table, pit the piece of string on the wrapping paper and cut the right length of paper.

4) Use this long wrapping paper to wrap the box, but this time, right in the middle of the box.

5) Use the twine one more time to take the measurements of the red ribbon.

6) Add ribbon at both ends of the box and tie a bow on one side and decorate with a branch of eucalyptus!

Source: Youtube Own · Photo Credit: capture d'écran Youtube

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