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If you are doubting the need to wear a mask you have to look at these pictures!

If you are doubting the need to wear a mask you have to look at these pictures!
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Unfortunately it seems like the COVID-19 pandemic is far from being gone. In fact, many countries and cities are starting to make masks mandatory in public spaces, especially crowded indoor places. While some people are agreeing to this practice, there is still many people that are skeptical about wearing a mask.

That is why many medical professionals and scientists have started to share information about masks and Coronavirus online on social media.

Some people claim that they cannot breath with a mask, @amandadeibert did the test on Twitter!

Of course if you have a medical condition, this does not apply to you!

Now, a lot of people are questioning wether masks are really making a difference. This is why Rich Davis, a microbiologist did a demonstration on Twitter that went viral! Below, he is showing the difference masks can make in stoping the spread of respiratory droplets - the same droplets that might be carrying the virus!

Twitter @richdavisphd
Twitter @richdavisphd

The results speak for themselves! The act of wearing a mask blocks considerably the number of droplets that landed on the plates. Now imagine these plates could be your belongings or even yourself.

Davis then said that the act of simply talking, couching, singing or sneezing can cause particles of liquid to come out of your mouth and one of these droplets can carry microbes and bacteria. He also said that a mask will block most of these particles. 

Davis also mentioned that wearing a mask should become an act of hygiene just like washing your hands after using the bathroom!

What do you think of his demonstration? Were you wearing a mask in public spaces? Will you wear one now?

Source: BuzzFeed · Photo Credit: Twitter @richdavisphd

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