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If you hate Halloween and simply can't wait to Christmas, here's the solution for you.

If you hate Halloween and simply can't wait to Christmas, here's the solution for you.
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Are you one of the people that absolutely hate Halloween? Costumes, haunted houses, scary ghost and pumpkin carving aren't for you? We might have the perfect to escape Halloween! Why not jump directly to Christmas?    

It is possible in New Hampshire at the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire where it is Christmas all year round! The hotel is located in the White Mountains on over 15 acres of land. 

The best part is that all the room have a Christmas related name! You could make a reservation for the Mrs. & Mrs. Claus, Vixen, Cupid, Donner, Sleigh Bells or even Rudolph room! How adorable!

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa

Once you are all settle in your Christmas-y room you can head for a drink at the Mistletoe Pub or go the Santa's Village which is open the whole year. and where you could ride a yule log flume or visit a school for elves. As you can see, it is really for people who want to experience Christmas spirit 365 days a year!

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa

If you love everything from Christmas, you probably also enjoy carols. If so, you should know that the inn also has a Journey to the North Pole program where you can take a train ride with Santa, the elves and other caroling-enthusiasts during the months of November and December. And of course, closer to Christmas you can admire their 15-foot Christmas tree! 

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa

To enjoy the holiday spirit you will have to pay around $99 a night or to enjoy the inn in the Christmas season be ready to spend as much as $169. A tray "naughty and nice" is also made specially for the guests and includes Christmas classics such as cookies, clementines and candy canes! 

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa

Funny fact: The Christmas Farm Inn was first a jail when it was built in the early 1800's, then a church, a farmhouse and now a family-owned inn! Would you like to spend a night and enjoy Christmas any time of the year?

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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