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If you have ramen (instant noodles) in the pantry, throw them away immediately.

If you have ramen (instant noodles) in the pantry, throw them away immediately.
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Nowadays, people are paying more attention to what they eat and here is another food that you should banish from your kitchen forever ! The famous " ramens " or instant noodles. Yes, the famous " ramens " that your kids love and maybe you love them too, but they are harmful to you !

Most people like instant noodles. And there are many reasons. They are inexpensive, you can keep them for a very long time and are easy to cook and delicious, there are different flavors. But this guilty pleasure sold for 95 billion units each year in the world hides a horrible secret . . .

All doctors or nutritionists will tell you, instant noodles are a food abomination. They are not good for your health ! Even if they satisfy you, their nutritional value is practically nil, in addition to containing high levels of salt and saturated fat. But there is something worse . . .

These delicious noodles would increase the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents because they contain a curious element, Tertiary-butylhydroquinone, the medical acronym is TBHQ.

This thing comes from the petroleum industry ( ! ! ! ) and is used to preserve the cheap foods. TBHQ is found in many fried foods such as cereals, fried foods, vegetable oil, crisps (potato chips) ‘nugget’ type food, snack foods and even cosmetics and more.  Yes, even your pet’s food. Recent research conducted by scientists at Harvard University have found that TBHQ increases the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome.

People who are affected are more likely to have high blood pressure, higher blood sugar levels that can lead to diabetes, and heart attacks or cardio-vascular accidents.

So we advise you now, if you have instant noodles in your pantry, to throw them in the trash immediately and never buy them again. Do not be fooled by their cheap price, there are so much better things for you than those noodles. Take the time to cook ingredients that are good for your health.

So the next time you want to buy these noodles, think about it !

Source: Epicure And Digest · Photo Credit: Meta Spoon

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