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If you want to quit snacking, make love!

If you want to quit snacking, make love!
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Do you tend to dive in a bag of chips regularly? Do you eat when you're feeling bored, down, or happy? Do you whish you could control your cravings to get in better shape or lose weight?

Go to bed in good company!

No kidding! The science is conclusive about this: making love helps to keep you from snacking at any time of day. Now there's a pleasant way of letting go of your cravings for chocolate, candy, or salty snacks!

Why is this good advice? Because the love hormone helps fight the urge to snack.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is a very good way to effectively fight your food cravings. This is, in any case, what a study by scientists at York University in the United Kingdom asserts. This hormone, which is released during the sexual act, has in the first place a soothing virtue. In addition, it affects your desire to snack, because it is associated with some sort of reward for the brain.

This rather conclusive study was conducted with couples between 27 and 50 years old with a very intense sex life and also a strong tendency for snacking. It turned out that the results were most convincing. Making love often helps decrease the appetite, especially cravings for sweets.

And if we think about all the calories burned during the sexual act, it's worth it, don't you think? Making love will satisfy you as much (if not more!) than a tablet of chocolate while contributing to the health of your relationship. Awesome!

Still, resist the urge to get a snack after!

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Want to test the theory at home? Sacrifice yourself for science and let your body release its oxytocin. It's for a good cause!

Turn off the TV, leave the chips in the kitchen and presto! under the sheets! Or over, as you like!

Scientists definitely must not get bored with original studies like this!

Source: TDN · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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