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If your name is Karen, you could get free flowers!

If your name is Karen, you could get free flowers!
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The name Karen has become associated with negativity on the Internet in 2020. People are connecting the name "Karen" to a specific type of woman who is privileged, always demands to "speak to the manager" and usually complains about the service and customer service. Many "Karens" of this world are getting negative comments just because of their name!

Know Your Meme

One Karen decided to give back some love back to the name! Karen Ferguson is the co-owner of Flowers on 50th a flower shop located in Edmonton, Canada. They put a sign on the business' door reading: 

“We are here for Karens for the next week so anyone named Karen can come in and get some free flowers.” The reason motivating this generous gesture is the "Internet bullies" :"We thought Karens deserve some love because of all the memes out there, some funny, some mean."

Customers and Facebook users seem to be loving the idea as it quickly became viral! A customer named Karen, said to CTV News Edmonton:

“I was talking to the owner; she feels the same pain. Her name is Karen so we go through the same thing and you kinda have to laugh at it.” 

The promotion is running for a week and all you need is an ID to confirm you name is Karen to get your free flowers! The shop is located on 4008, 50 Street in Edmonton, AB.

Do you know anyone name "Karen"? Do you believe the "jokes" around the name are justified? 

Source: Fresh Daily · Photo Credit: Fresh Daily

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