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Jennifer Aniston creates turmoil after sharing a picture of her Christmas ornament.

Jennifer Aniston creates turmoil after sharing a picture of her Christmas ornament.
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Jennifer Aniston is not a name that is generally associated with controversies, but the famous actress recently caused the outrage of several Internet users by unveiling on social networks an ornament for her Christmas tree, which was deemed to be "morbid".

The star of the legendary sitcom Friends probably didn't think that she would find herself plunged into the heart of a controversy by presenting Internet users with a simple decorative piece for her Christmas tree.

However, this was indeed the case and many people online shared their strong opinion. 

Instagram Jennifer Aniston

The ornament in question highlights "Our first pandemic - 2020" and as a BuzzFeed reporter noted, the typeface used to inscribe these words often appears on invitations for weddings or other happy ceremonies. 

Another person noted for its part that the term "first" suggested that other pandemics would eventually strike the planet, which is rather sad in the spirit of the Holidays.

Others stressed that the ornament testified to a serious lack of empathy towards those who have suffered from the pandemic, whether they are families who have lost loved ones, employees of the healthcare system or even businesses that are in severe financial difficulty.

On the other hand, several people have nevertheless defended the actress, accusing her many detractors of ridiculing themselves by wishing to "cancel" the star over a Christmas ornament. 

What do you think? Was it insensitive of her to post such as picture? 

Source: Buzz Feed · Photo Credit: Instagram

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