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Keep your car keys near your bed, it could save your life one day!

Keep your car keys near your bed, it could save your life one day!
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Unless you have a car that is over 15 years old and even some 15-year-old cars have this feature, you probably have a small remote to start and lock your doors.

In case you have not noticed, on your remote is a small button that is usually red and if you press it, the alarm of your car will activate and the lights will flash.

This mode was designed to trigger an alert if you get mugged in a parking lot.

But did you know that this mode can be very useful even when you are in your home?

In fact, talk to your neighbors and if ever an emergency occurs, for example someone is trying to break into your house, just activate the panic button and your neighbors will know something happens. Even if your neighbors are not aware of this technique, they will look out the window to see what happens. In addition, the thief will feel threatened and may leave your home.

Also, make sure to dial 911 when you activate the panic button on your car's remote control, so the police will have chances to find the robber.

This tip does not cost you anything, after a while you'll get used to it and always put your car keys near your bed when you go to bed ... so do it just now.

Plus, share this tip with your friends and family, who knows ... it could save someone's life one day!

Source: Crime stoppers

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