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Keep your cheese longer with this simple trick

Keep your cheese longer with this simple trick
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Food is getting more and more expensive. It is therefore normal to look for ways to keep the food longer and not wasting it. Dairy products and, more particularly, cheeses are products that are very expensive and difficult to do without it, because it's delicious. It is better to eat it before the expiry date ... But you say that you will not eat any cheese that has mold! Some people would remove the slice where the mold was formed and eat the rest of the cheese, but not you !

It would be a shame to throw this beautiful cheese in the garbage ! Because unfortunately, plastic wrap and ziploc bags are not enough to keep the cheese as long as the tip we present here.

And yes ! You should know that there is a simple trick that helps us to keep the cheese longer in the fridge.

And if you don't know this amazing tip. All you will need is butter. Yes, it's not a mistake, you need butter to keep your cheese longer !

How to do :

1) Whenever you cut a piece of cheese, apply a thin layer of butter on the sliced portion before wrapping the cheese in plastic wrap.

2) Then put the cheese back in the refrigerator. So if your Camembert tends to harden in the refrigerator, you will find it as soft as before thanks to the butter.

NOTE : This trick works perfectly with onions too. Rub the butter on the cut surface of the onions and wrap the onion in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before putting it back in the refrigerator.

There is no indication that margarine can be used as a substitute for butter for this trick. So do not ruin your good cheeses by using margarine. Just use the butter !


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