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Learn how to make beautiful snowballs

Learn how to make beautiful snowballs
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Christmas without snow is not a real Christmas. So if you add snowballs to your decorations, you'll not only add some wonderful decorations, but you'll also add some Christmas magic! Would you like to create snowballs?

You will need:

- Styrofoam balls of different sizes

- White school glue

- Paintbrush

- Coarse salt or Epsom salt

- White glitter

- Several wooden skewers

- A big glass

How to do:

1) Put a styrofoam ball on a skewer

2) Apply the glue with the brush on the ball

3) Roll the Styrofoam ball into coarse salt or Epsom salt

4) And while the glue is still wet, sprinkle the white glitter on the snowball

5) Let the snowballs dry in the glass overnight before removing the skewers

6) Put the snowballs on a table or a tray with a little crushed salt for a snow effect between the snowballs, as you can see at the end of the video.

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