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Learn why your cat might try to bite you when you pet it.

Learn why your cat might try to bite you when you pet it.
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When you live with a small feline, one of the great pleasures of life is to come home after a long day of work to cuddle kitty. You feed it, you play with it and you just like to sit on the couch to give it hugs, encouraged by the purring of your hairy friend.

But why sometimes is the cat trying to bite our hand violently?!

And that hurts when they succeed!

But why does the kitty react like this? And how can you stop it?

Well, you should know that too many caresses, kills it.

If humans and cats can live together, it is generally because the former makes compromises... and that the cat tolerates it in its environment! Cats are what they are, right? For example, if you sleep with a cat, they might take up far too large a space, especially compared to their size.

It is possible to anticipate the reaction of the feline thanks to a few signals that it sends. When Kitty starts to snuggle up against the human (you) to be petted, it is because he wants to be cuddled for hours and hours. On the other hand, when Kitty considers that they have received their quota of necessary affection, they transmits signals to stop it.

Kitty starts by wagging their tail gently, positions their ears back, lick your fingers or dilates their pupils. These are warning signs so that we leave him alone!

Too many caresses can excite the cat and can explain its sudden "violent" behaviour. The cat no longer feels pleasure in receiving caresses and the hands that touch it cause it an extremely unpleasant sensation. 

How to react?

If you have this kind of problem, here's what to do:

First, as mentioned above, it is important to fully understand and analyze your furry friend actions. If it bites, you have to be strict, put the animal on the ground and say "no" firmly and then ignore it. There's no point in scolding him or being aggressive, because Kitty wouldn't understand. Remember also that it is not their fault; they did everything to make it clear that they had enough!

But if the cat behaves aggressively in a very particular place, it may be because it feels severe pain there. It is therefore best to consult a veterinarian.

Living together requires compromise and in a human-cat duo, it's up to humans to adapt the most!

Do you have any pets at home? Are you more of a Cat or Dog person?

Source: blasting news · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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