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Looking for a memorable adventure? Journey into the underground tunnels of caves found right here in Quebec!

Looking for a memorable adventure? Journey into the underground tunnels of caves found right here in Quebec!
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Journeying into caves can cause you to feel you are somewhere exotic and can administer a rush of adrenaline unlike very few other activities can. However, this activity does not require you to have to travel outside your own country to experience this!

Did you know you could access an adventure such as this right here in Quebec?

Take off on an adventure to discover the largest underground cave of the Canadian Shield: Caverne Laflèche (Laflèche Cave) at the Arbraska Park. An unforgettable adventure!

Take a giant step back in time!

The Laflèche Cave is located in Outaouais and is part of the Arbraska Laflèche Park in Val-des-Monts.

Also known under the name "Caverne Pélissier" (Pélissier Cave), given that one of the persons who would have discovered it in 1865 was named Pélissier, this cave is composed of several tunnels, throughout the cave, that are open to the public. An entire underground network of approximately 400 meters in tunnels await you!

A journey, for each explorer!

Discover all the beauty and extraordinary details the Laflèche Cave has to offer in 5 different ways:

Discovery tour

Explore the cave for one hour during this activity customized for younger kids (starting from the age of 5) as well as older ones, in the spirit of discovery, of course! Learn everything there is to know about this cave and its multitude of mysteries accompanied by a well-trained and professional guide.

And don’t forget to dress warm! Inside the cave, the temperature usually only reaches approximately 4⁰C.

Explorer’s tour

As its name implies, this tour transforms you into a great explorer!  Equipped with a helmet with headlamp, you’ll follow a guide that will lead you in the discovery of all the spelunking marvels and secrets of this cave.

For a period of two hours, this sports adventure will lead you through some extremely tight passageways within the deepest parts of the cave. This adventure will be experienced in small groups and you’ll set off to discover underground tunnels that only recently became accessible.

Crawling through narrow passageways, you’ll bring back more than 13 000 years of history; guaranteed adrenaline rush!

Geological tour

This activity is offered exclusively for school groups; for elementary school student groups, high school student groups or even university student groups!

Aspiring geologists will set out on an adventure of discovery in the magestic Laflèche Cave, sporting helmets with headlamps. What awaits you? Exploring and discovering this amazing cave’s geological formation!

A night spent in the cave

What would you say to spending an entire night sleeping in an environment as spectacular as that of a cave at sunset? Following a discovery tour, get out your camping gear and listen to your guide’s captivating stories sitting around a campfire.

This activity requires at least 8 participants and is intended for persons aged 8 years and up.

Winter wonderland tour

Take advantage of how beautiful the Laflèche Cave can be even in winter!

You’ll glimpse lovely brown bats, these tiny winged creatures who like to nest in clusters in the cave during winter. And, during this time of year, you’ll get to witness incredible ice stalactites and stalagmites; a wondrous experience!

Ready, set, go?

The magnificence of this cave is available to you all year round! To reserve your adventure, click on the following link: Arbraska Laflèche and make sure to ask about the various other outdoor activities available here.

A trip to the Laflèche Cave is an underground journey you’ll not soon forget!

Source: Arbraska Laflèche · Photo Credit: Arbraska Laflèche

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