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Lower your utility bill with this old-fashioned trick!

Lower your utility bill with this old-fashioned trick!
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Did you know that the dryer is the device that consume the most energy in the house? If you feel like your utility bill is high, there is a simple and effective solution to dry your clothes for free! 

Do not worry, there is also some options for indoors if you do not have the space outside. The answer is easy: get a clothes horse! Also called clothes rack or drying rack, these little frames exists since forever but somehow people are forgetting about them! 

Here are 18 drying racks to inspire you find the best option for you.

1. Along the terrace

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful raised wooden terrace you can transform the railings from your terrace into a large clothing rack, and for really cheap! It is available at most hardware stores or on Amazon

2. Umbrella Rack

This is a classic! You simply close when you are not using it! 

3. A Wall Clothing Rack

Is there is a wall in your garden with good sun exposure? So take advantage of it to build shelves to dry your laundry!

4. DIY Clothesline

It is not that hard to build your own old-fashion clotheslines, here's a tutorial

Big Red Couch

5. A Wall Drying Rack for Indoor

Do you live in a small apartment or house with a very small backyard, or even without one? Do not worry, you can still dry your clothes by hanging them. Here is a tutorial for this lovely wall drying rack. Don't forget to open the window for fresh air!


6. A Drying Rack for Gardening Gloves

This small project is really simple to carry out: simply fix a few pieces of string on a board. Add a small panel to decorate everything, and there you go: a drying rack to hang your gardening gloves with clothespins.

7. Clothesline on a Garden Trellis

To make this beautiful clotheslines, simply install 2 very solid posts with wooden trellis in your garden. Then pass the clothesline between the 2 trellises, and your'e done! Now hanging or folding your laundry will be much more pleasant.

8. Drying Rack Hanging on the Fence

First, attach 2 wooden supports to the fence posts. Then, secure with metal bars, as in the photo above. To finish pass the clothesline through the wooden support, and you're ready to dry your laundry in the sun.

9. Old Box Spring

Start by painting the box spring in the color of your choice. Then attach to the ceiling of your laundry room or bathroom, with hooks and chains. And there you have a perfect place to dry your clothes on hangers.

A diamond in the Stuff

10. A "Classic" Clothesline

Here is the classic clothesline: it couldn't be simpler! Easy to install, just attach 2 hooks on either side of your garden. When you have laundry to dry, hang a cord between the hooks. For more details, click here.

Mom Colored Glasses

12. An "Invisible" Clothesline

This "invisible" clothesline is hidden in front of a window between two planters, it allows you to dry clothes discreetly. A great idea! Discover the tutorial here.

Homestead Revival

13. A Rustic Ceiling Drying Rack

Another indoor idea! First attach a nice wooden board to the ceiling, preferably with bark, for a more rustic effect. Then hang a simple ceiling clothes line with pulleys that you can find at the hardware store or on Amazon

14. A Clothes Line With Small Bench

The little bench is the perfect place to put your basket when you hang up or fold your clean laundry. Or, it can serve as a relaxation corner in your garden!

15. A Retractable Drying Rack

When you are ready to hang your laundry, simply unfold the frame in a horizontal position! Genius!

There you go! We hope this trick will help you save a few bucks!

Source: Comment-Economiser · Photo Credit: Comment-Economiser

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