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How to make homemade greenhouses: easy DIYs.

How to make homemade greenhouses: easy DIYs.
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Nothing is better than fruits and vegetables grown from your own garden!

Have you always dreamed of having a greenhouse of your own? Do you know that it's actually not that hard to make one yourself? Here are a few ideas and tips to get your started.

See all these incredible models! You will even find a model for people who live in the city and who only have a balcony!


Source: swingncocoa

Wire mesh can also support the canvas

Source yearroundveggiegardener

You can also make a retractable canvas!

Source: farmshow

Or to make a permanent greenhouse!

Source: doorgarden

Here is a very cheap version that will cost around $50.


With PVC pipes you can create these cubes!

Source: Pinterest 

LACK OF SPACE? See this genius tip! Even people living in cities and having only a balcony can have a small greenhouse!

Source: gardentherapy

Recover old windows to make mini greenhouses!

Source: fortheloveoflillian

See the video below!

Source: The Whoot · Photo Credit: The Whoot

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