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Make you own outdoor smoker using a terracotta pot!

Make you own outdoor smoker using a terracotta pot!
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Do you like smoked meat or fish?  You  probably thought you would need a big professional smokehouse to make your own smoked meat at home, but no! 

With a few supplies and a little work, you can make your own outdoor smoker. Rest assured, this project is intended to be very simple to carry out, and it is also within the reach of all DIY enthusiasts, experienced or not.

Here are the steps to make your very own smoker at home. 

1. Fit a gasket to both bottom and top of the terracotta pot rims. 

2. Drill pilot holes and add U BOLT to create a handle. Then, drill some more holes for air flow.

3. Shave a few wine corks that will fit the holes you just created.  

4. Add brick and grate for charcoal and add the charcoal. Then, add the smoking chips. You can use hickory or your favourite ones! 

5. Put the grilling grate on top. 

6. Cover the drainage hole with tinfoil and add in a temperature gauge. 

7. Monitor air circulation with corks and add your favourite meat or fish. Enjoy!

To make it even easier, watch the video below!

Are you tempted to make your own? It will cost you only a fraction of the price! 

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Belair Direct Blog

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