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Man turned trailer into a mobile bowling alley!

Man turned trailer into a mobile bowling alley!
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Do you know a bowling enthusiast who is part of a league and take the sport very seriously? But, even without being crazy about bowling, we have all played at one time or another with friends and family. Several parents have also already organized birthday parties for their children at a bowling alley.

However, in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, going to a room to throw balls is not always possible depending on the place you live. It might be closed or simply unsafe!

Terence Jackson came up with the idea to bring bowling to people's homes. When you can't go bowling, the bowling will come to you!

Inspired by Amazon, Uber, Grub Hub, and other efficient delivery services, he created Luxury Strike Bowling.


“These companies made life easier for people and created economic growth worldwide, and I wanted in,” said Jackson to Detroit News.

The design of Luxury Strike Bowling took years to complete. The creative man transformed a 53-foot trailer into a mobile bowling "hall" that is just as pretty as the "real"ones.

The truck houses two tracks and giant screens that display the score of the players. It also has temperature control, neon lighting, an 80-inch cinema screen, a sky lounge and a state-of-the-art sound system.

However, it has some differences compared to traditional bowling. For example, the two automatic tracks are shorter and the balls are smaller and weigh only 3 pounds.

The construction of the bowling alley was not without its obstacles, as some materials were difficult to find and the pandemic intervened. However, Jackson manage to launch his unusual project last summer.

Bowling on wheels and its loft can seats 10 to 15 people and is now available for parties, corporate meetings, church meetings and other events in Southfield and the surrounding area.

At the moment, only a few people tested the project. Luxury Strike Bowling, Terence’s company operates within a 50 kilometer radius of Southfield, Michigan.

Currently this activity is not cheap, it costs $500 for 2 hours of bowling. A luxury that is not within everyone's reach.

Would you like to bowl in your driveway or in your business parking lot?

What do you think of this unusual idea?

Source: The Detroit News · Photo Credit: Facebook

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