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Many people don't know what hooks on shopping carts are for, honestly it's going to change your life

Many people don't know what hooks on shopping carts are for, honestly it's going to change your life
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Most people go to the supermarket at least once a week to have access to fresh and good products. It's so much part of people's everyday life that you do not notice the details anymore.

For example, have you ever noticed these metal loops? Why are they here? Do they have utility or is it just an aesthetic design?

There are many mysteries to solve, not just those metal loops.

For example, why are we always in the slowest queue?

Or, how many free food samples can you take before being expelled from the supermarket?

But let's go back to these metal loops.

Well they are very useful !

You can hang your bags! Eh yes!

This helps prevent more fragile items like eggs from being crushed.

But do not hang your purse!

A thief could easily take it and run away with all your money and credit cards.

Moreover, here are some practical tips to avoid theft

The pickpocket prefers public places, he can stay anonymous and he can take advantage of the crowd to steal your wallet or purse.

Here are simple tips to prevent this type of theft and avoid you a lot of trouble:

  • Whenever possible, avoid taking large sums of money and many credit cards. Do not show your money.
  • Take the time to put your money in an inside pocket of your coat. It is risky to place your wallet in the back pocket of your pants, because everyone can see it.
  • Always pay close attention to your purse. Keep it always with you. It is even better to wear it under your coat.
  • Carry your keys in a pocket of your clothes.
  • Do not let your purse on a countertop or in a shopping cart. Above all, do not hang it on the back of your chair.
  • Be careful when walking in a crowd. If someone push you, check immediately if you have everything in your handbag.
  • If someone is stealing your purse, do not resist. You could be hurt if you hold your purse.
  • Try to remember any details about the thief and contact the security and / or police department right away.
  • If your keys have been stolen, change the locks on the doors of your home as soon as possible.

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