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Miners in Uruguay found a unique heart-shaped amethyst geode.

Miners in Uruguay found a unique heart-shaped amethyst geode.
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Gems and minerals make amazing gifts and are a sign of affection. But this natural amethyst geode doesn't need any help expressing love - it's already the shape of a heart! Uruguay Minerals made this amazing discovery on the border of Uruguay and Brazil when workers smashed a boulder that revealed a heart on both side.

Uruguay Minerals

The miners had no idea they were going to discover this beautiful geode; in fact, they were having trouble starting the excavations. “We were opening the mine to work normally,” said Marcos Lorenzelli the director of Uruguay Minerals. The land was difficult to work and employees even joked“ We have to find something amazing due to the hard work we have to do here. ". Their patience and hard work was rewarded with this once in a lifetime discovery! 

Uruguay Minerals

"This is very unique and it’s the first time we found something like this," said Marcos Lorenzelli, the director of Uruguay Minerals.

Uruguay Minerals

The unusually shaped geode has taken the world by storm and gone viral! Uruguay Minerals sells its findings through its website, including this one called "The New Treasure." If you would like to own them, you can contact them through their website. Smaller amethysts, which are polished and shaped to look like hearts, are also available from various sellers on Etsy.

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Source: Narcity · Photo Credit: Instagram @uruguayminerals

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