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NASA says you need these 10 plants to improve your health.

NASA says you need these 10 plants to improve your health.
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For several years some experts claim that having plants at home is good for your health.

But these claims have now been confirmed by scientists.

Indeed, NASA research has established a list of 10 plants to have at home. Put these plants on your bedside table can fight against stress, anxiety, insomnia, colds but also to clean the air.

Here is the list:

1- The Aréca palm tree.

This plant "cleans" the air of your home. Having this plant at home is an effective way to treat a cold or clear your sinuses but also better because its presence will improve your breathing.

2- Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is also one of the best plants for air purification. It releases oxygen and quickly removes all impurities.

3- English ivy.

This plant that grows on your home is also ideal for your bedroom. This is one of the most effective plants to fight against the traces of mold in your home.

4- Date palms.

This plant has a long life and is also recommended for air purification.

5- The fern of Boston.

This pretty plant is one of the best plants to fight against air pollution according to NASA.

6- The Chinese foliage.

This plant has the particularity to grow in places deprived of light. It effectively fights toxins in the air.

7- The lily.

This beautiful plant cleans the air at 60% and absorbs the spores to turn them into food.

8- Chlorophytum.

This plant removes 90% of the toxins present in your room within two days. It is recommended for people with allergy to dust.

9- The rhapis excelsa.

One of the most effective plants to clean your air. It removes traces of ammonia, xylene and toluene.

10- The ficus benjamina.

This plant fights against pollutants in your carpets and furniture.

Source: Dailymail · Photo Credit: iStock

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