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Natural ways to keep insects out of your house this spring

Natural ways to keep insects out of your house this spring
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With the spring coming soon, it is not uncommon to see the little unwanted bugs that scare us! And as soon as we see them appear, we must act quickly before losing control!

If you have never been invaded by ants, do not wait for them to be in your house to act. Because this tiny insect can do a lot of damage in a pantry and they quickly infest everywhere in a house when you lose control.

So, if you want to avoid chemicals to get rid of these bugs: Fleas, roaches and ants, here's what to do.


Fleas bite! And they do not only bite animals, they bite humans too. To get rid of fleas, try this.

- Rosemary leaves: Mix 2 cups of rosemary leaves with boiling water. Let cool and wash your pet with this water. Allow your pet to air dry.

-The vinegar: Add a capful of vinegar to your pet’s drinking water daily. Fleas hate the smell of vinegar.

-The dish soap: To make a trap, take 1 shallow dish, fill it with warm water, add a few drops of dish soap and place it on the floor.

-Borax: If you do not have children or pets nearby, sprinkle Borax on the floor and leave it for 12 to 48 hours before vacuuming it up.

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The ants:


-The lemon juice: Spray lemon juice where ants pass or enter. Walls, cracks, windows, etc.

-The chalk: Chalk is a very good ant repellent. Draw chalk lines to prevent ants from crossing this "wall".

-The cinnamon and the clove: Grind the 2 ingredients together and sprinkle the mixture around the house

-The corn flour: It's effective inside and outside the house. Ants are suffocating through their airways.

-The white vinegar: Spray a mixture of 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar where they pass and the smell will drive them away.


If you have lost control and have no choice but to kill ants:

-The Borax: Mix Borax, sugar, water and dish soap and spray this mixture on cotton balls that you place on the ground.

-The red pepper: Ants will suffocate. Leave red pepper wherever there are ants

-The honey trap: Watch the video at the end of this article

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The most hated creature of all. The cockroach can be defeated with the right tools!

Act quickly:

-The Diatomaceous Earth: Also good for getting rid of fleas, just spread it around the house. It dehydrates insects until they are dead. And it's safe for pets.

-Baking soda: Make a trap with baking soda and powdered sugar. The insects will be attracted and will eat the mixture, and the baking soda will eliminate them by disintegratng their guts.

-The Borax: This is the most effective trap. So you can not go wrong: mix 1 part sugar 3 parts Borax and sprinkle this mixture in the cracks, crevices, cabinets, and dark corners of the House. This mixture has the same effect as baking soda.

If you have lost control and have no choice but to kill ants:

In a lid, add some Borax (you can find this product at walmart) add honey to the center, to trap the ants.

Watch the video:

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