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New strange beauty trend: Ramen Baths.

New strange beauty trend: Ramen Baths.
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Are you a fan of noodles and ramen? Maybe you are so crazy about it that you want to put it all over your body? If so, you can visit this spa in Japan. At Yunessun Spa House, there is a jacuzzi filled with noodles and pork broth.

Ichiro Furuya, the owner of the spa, claims, “Lately people are very concerned about having beautiful skin, and they know the effect of collagen, which is contained in our pork-based broth. At this bath, everybody can have fun and take advantage of the healthy elements of ramen noodles.”

Many believe that the pork-based broth improve the skin because the pork-based broth is packed with collagen. Collagen is a protein that is known to enhance the skin and allows skin cells to rejuvenate and stay healthy.

But now people are bringing this practice directly into their bathrooms! Many people are filling their baths with hot water and ramen.

We are not sure if they also want the benefits of collagen or are simply feeling lazy and are having a bath AND dinner!

You should probably not be eating the noodles as they are soaking with your body and your bathtub isn't probably that clean. 

Also, cleaning afterwards is probably not fun at all!

If you are tempted to try this at home, make sure the noodles are not going down your drain!

Will you be trying this new beauty trend tonight?

Source: Totally The Bomb · Photo Credit: Instagram @foodsofjane

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