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Next time you are doing laundry, put an Aspirin in the washing machine first!

Next time you are doing laundry, put an Aspirin in the washing machine first!
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The internet is now filled with weird tips and tricks, but we must admit we love them especially when it makes us save money! The latest laundry hack can seem really weird at first, but it works: some people started putting Aspirin in their laundry machine! 

Tips & Tricks

Yes, the same Aspirin that is well known to relieves pain and headaches. Well, it seems that it also works really well to remove stains and brighten clothes, resulting in whiter clothes that are stain free. 

It appears that Aspirin contains an acid that turn into salicylic acid when it's dissolved which helps breaking up the proteins in sweat stains, but also in other stains. Impressive! But don't worry it won't damage any of your clothes. 

You will need 4 or 5 Aspirins that you dissolved in hot water previously. To help this process you can also break or grind the tablets and put that mixture in the laundry machine along with your favourite detergent. If you have really stubborn stains, let them soak for up to 8 hours before putting the clothes in the washer. 

If you ever run out of bleach, no need to worry as long as you have some Aspirin in the cabinet! 


Will you be trying this tip? Let your friends and family know if it worked for you!

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