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Only people born before 2000 will know these 24 items!

Only people born before 2000 will know these 24 items!
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There was a time that those under 20 will never know... Before the 2000s, young people did not spend their entire weekend in front of their laptop, filming themselves for posting on Youtube, or Facebook. Besides, before the 2000s, computers were still scarce, and the internet connection quite expensive. 

It doesn't necessary means that it was better before. The time is not for comparison, but for memory and nostalgia. Those born before 2000 will have many memories by looking at the photos below and those born after 2000 will discover things! 

1. Compact Disks

Making mixtape was a common thing! 

© whiskeyriff / instagram  

2. Netflix did not exist.

We all had our own collection of VHS! 

© 90smadness / instagram  

3. We were happy with small TVs.

Especially in school! If the teacher had the TV in the classroom, it was going to be a good day! 

© theratchetvine / twitter  

4. This was our iTunes and Spotify!

It was so fun to arrange our CDs! 

© The World Famous KROQ / facebook  

5. The font choices were limited.

And WordArt was really cool!

© TodayKidsWont / twitter  

6. We could spend hours playing offline.

These games were just the best! 

© TodayKidsWont / twitter 

7. The playstation 1 !

It was really cool!

© TheClever1ELSD / imgur  

8. Way before the Game Boy.

This was our gaming machine for a long time. 


9. Watching Disney movies was the best thing. 

Especially if we had a small TV in our room! 

© daleord / twitter  

10. Download speed before 2000...

It could take days and even years!

© shubham231194 / imgur  

11. Screensavers!

Do you remember the classic screensavers?

© canismajorrr / imgur 

12. Scoobies

Kids will never know how hard this was!

© TodayKidsWont / twitter 

13. Before we had cellphones in class.

This is what we used to do. 

© canismajorrr / imgur  

14. We were happy with small things.

Just going to the playground was enough. 

© throwbackmachine / instagram  

15. Phones had cords!

This phone was actually quite modern back in the days!

© djfokusmwe / instagram 

16. Sticker collections

How many did you have?

© DolphuRaymondWasAPimp / imgur  

17. Jeans were a lot baggier.

Not sure if it was a good thing! 

© connivingly / imgur  

18. The famous keyboard.

Everybody had a grey keyboard!

19. The best game!

Only really lucky kids had this!

© throwbackmachine / instagram  

20. We had to wash the mouse.

Now everybody uses a laptop!

© tkorkalainen / imgur 

21. The famous Pizza Hut glasses!

Do you remember them?

© LisaWeigand / imgur  

22. These were the best!

We all wanted these markers. 

© unknown / imgur 

23. It was a workout to open windows.

It was really hard! 

© kellyJurfs / imgur  

24. The famous CD player.

We needed pick pocket for this player! Now everything is on the phone.

© dmhead777 / reddit 

How many of these items did you own?

Source: Cafe Declic · Photo Credit: Cafe Declic

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