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Organize your home with these 12 items you can buy at Dollar stores

Organize your home with these 12 items you can buy at Dollar stores
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Being well organized in the house does not mean you have to spend a lot of money!

We can very be well organized with inexpensive objects. That's why we present you these 12 items, that you can buy at Dollar stores and that will organize your home wonderfully.

Here are 12 objects from the Dollar stores to organize the house!

1) Keep children's toys tidy in a bag with suction hooks

Source: Make it and love it

2) Make a craft station and store all your items. Take a tray and put plastic boxes that you stick to the bottom of the tray! So you only have to put away the tray at the end of each DIY session.

Source: Craftionary

3) Use plastic boxes to keep bathroom cabinets perfectly organized.

Source: Inperfect homeaking

4) Add a curtain rod to hang all spray bottles, you will save storage space just with this tip.

Source: New Nostalgia

5) Check the paperwork! All houses have an impressive amount of paperwork. Keep control by sortyng everything into categories: medical, financial, insurance and tax.

Source: Dimplicity

6) Add small pieces of velcro bands under the baskets into the drawers of your dressing table to prevent them from moving when you open and close the drawers. Store all the makeup into the drawers of the dressing table.

Source: Tartertots and jello

7) A pill box will be perfect to take your jewelry in your purse if you leave for the weekend in a cottage or for 2 weeks of travel!

Source: How to have it all

8) Make a DIY station with plastic baskets! Pencils, paint, brushes, glue, scissors, paper and coloring books will always be available to children and perfectly tidy!

Source: This is Happiness

9) Store all gift wrapping material in a shoe rack inside a wardrobe door!

Source: The country chic cottage

10) Store all your cookie cutters in Ziploc bags! Sort into categories: Christmas, Easter, autumn, flowers, cup of tea, Valentine's Day, spring, Halloween, etc.

Source: The Rosemary House

11) Store all your necklaces and bracelets on a wooden coat rack. You can paint it the color of your choice, since they are sold in natural wood!

Source: Adorable antics

12) Store all these small items in an ice cube tray. So you will find what you are looking for faster.

Source: Better homes and gardens

Source: hometips.cooktopcove · Photo Credit: hometips.cooktopcove

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