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Paint nurse and doctor rocks to thank the medical professionals!

Paint nurse and doctor rocks to thank the medical professionals!
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Medical profesionnals and frontline staff are curently putting their own health at risk to help the population during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is really no way to thank them for all the hard work they are doing!

However, some creative people found a small way to express their gratitude; they are painting adorable Nurse and Doctor rocks! The idea went viral and soooo many people are now doing it! 

It seemed to have started with Sandy Engel, a summer McGregor resident that wanted to create a special gift to spread a little positive light for the health care workers in Payson, Ariz. She painted rocks for the staff to hide, find or keep! 

Photo : Sandy Engel

“Pinterest is also full of rock painting ideas and is my best friend,” said Engel. “I am planning to hide some rocks outside the local Payson hospital and clinics.

 “A number will be given directly to an emergency room nurse who will handle distributing them to our amazingly brave medical staff,” Engel added.

This is also a great activity to do with the kids, that are probably bored at home! And it doesn't cost much, all you really need is rocks and paint!

And while painting these, you can try to explain to the little one what is happening in the world and why you are painting rocks!

For a smooth, paint-like effect, use acrilyc paint and extra-fine point paint pens. But you can truly use anything you have on hand. Now is not a good time to go shopping!

Remember to keep a safe distance if you need to go on a little adventure to find stones!

Hope you found some inspiration with these rock ideas!

Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios · Photo Credit: Instagram

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