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Pallet wooden bike racks, what a great idea!

Pallet wooden bike racks, what a great idea!
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The nice weather is here and makes us want to get on our bikes more often. But when the time comes to get out of the saddle, momentarily or for longer, you have to find a place to put them away and lock them out.

In town, there are metal or concrete supports quite easily. But even at home you can create more economical, simple and super pretty supports! All while taking care of our planet, by using recycling materials. The famous pallet wood is so popular this decade in the creation of furniture and accessories of all kinds!

If you have an old pallet lying around in the garage, here are some examples of bike racks that are really cheap and very easy to make.

It's so simple that you wonder why you hadn't thought about it before! The paddle slots are perfect for accommodating bike tires!

1. An all white support

Leaning against a stone wall, with a few flowers as a bonus, this support is ready to accommodate all bikes, but especially those that have a slightly vintage look!

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

2. Industrial style support

The touch of color brings a happy note.

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

3. Robust support

A beautifully painted palette placed on the floor. 

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

4. An angle support

Another simple idea that is easy to make. 

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

5. A triangular support

It's very aesthetic!

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

6. Rounded bike rack

You can take any kind of wood to create a nice bike rack!

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

7. Two pallet rack

It's easy. You just have to decide to do it!

source: Facebook - Déco-recyclage

Which of these seven models of wooden supports do you prefer? Do you want to install one at home? Do you think that in this way, your children would finally put away their bicycles ?!

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