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People are rubbing cabbage heads on their carpets and it's almost magical!

People are rubbing cabbage heads on their carpets and it's almost magical!
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Almost everybody has a least one carpet at home. You can opt for a more recent rug and older oriental-style rug you will always have the same question: how to clean them the best way? Well, you don't have to resort to chemicals or expensive gadgets! 

You just need to run to the grocery store and buy a head of cabbage.

Simple things found in your house, and even in the pantry, can help keep your home clean and fresh.


Clean a carpet with a head of cabbage

It can be difficult to clean and wash carpets. Of course, you can dry clean it, but it takes time and can cost you a bit of money. Same with renting a machine - time consuming and expensive!

How to

Cut the head of the cabbage into two equal parts and place your rug or carpet on a flat surface. Then you just need to "brush" the carpet using the flat side of the cabbage. 


You will need to vacuum the residue left on the carpet. This technique will also brings out the colors of your carpet!

This amazing hack can also be used when you spill something on the carpet, like wine. Pour sparkling water over the stain, then place the cabbage. This will help absorb the stain, and you will have a clean carpet again!

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