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Personality test: Which of these four babies is a girl?

Personality test: Which of these four babies is a girl?
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It can be very hard to differentiate the gender of a baby judging only by its face. And most parent will get really angry if you've guessed wrong! But they should know that almost all babies look alike with their chubby cheeks! Even doctors, paediatricians, and nurses who spend a lot of their time with those same babies, can have problems to guess the gender of a baby!  

Take a look at the picture of these four babies below and pick the one you think is a girl, you could actually learn a few new things about your own personality!

Baby 1

You are a reasonable person who believes in its own principles and tends to act according to the rules. You prefer to first analyze, then make your decision. You always do your best to find the perfect solution to a problem, trying to avoid hurting other people's feelings at the same time. You prefer to avoid conflict and often put the interests of others first, even if sometimes they are not worth your time and effort! You always try to be impartial and use your wisdom whenever you need to make a decision. 

Baby 2

You are a very a creative person! You are full of innovative ideas that always help you create amazing things. You like to be active and accept new challenges. You never miss an opportunity to learn something new.  You live every day of your life as if it was your last, but it feels like you live in a bubble: so many people would love to approach you, but you never let them get close. Also, you were right! Baby #2 is actually a little girl!

Baby 3

You are a very social person. Your charisma helps you get along with anyone, but you really love to spend time with your friends. You are love adventures and also the adrenaline they bring. You can act impulsively sometimes, but that's because you believe the biggest risk is "taking no risks". When you make one of your impulsive decisions, keep in mind that they can hurt someone who genuinely cares about you. 

Baby 4

You have a big heart but you also have a huge ego. You think that you are always right about everything and that there is either your way or the wrong way to do things! You are strong and can easily adapt to new situations. You are full of creative and innovative ideas. The people around you also want to feel valued and appreciated. Plus, your ability to recognize someone else's efforts will make you a better leader.

What do you think? Did you guess right?

Source: un jour de reve · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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