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Pool noodles aren't just for swimming! Here are 9 great ways to use them differently!

Pool noodles aren't just for swimming! Here are 9 great ways to use them differently!
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All of these tips are great for using pool noodles other than swimming!

Get the pool noodles that are worn out for some of these ideas so you don't spend on new ones. However, for other of these ideas, you will have to use new noodles. But since they are very inexpensive, all these tips are still very economical!

Here are 9 great ideas to use pool noodles differently!

1. Protect little fingers

Cut the noodles lengthwise will allow you to thread them on the springs of the trampoline and protect the hands of children!

2. A game of Tic Tac Toe

Don't throw out old pool noodles! They make great pieces for playing Tic Tac Toe with some tape on carpet! Use two different colors or two different noodle shapes!

3. Block doors

Prevent the little ones from getting their fingers caught in the doors or getting into a room by barring the door, like in the bathroom for example!

4. Prevent falls

By sticking a pool noodle on the mattress, under the sheet, a child will not be able to fall down from his bed!

5. Baby activity mat

If you are good at sewing, it should be an easy task! 

6. A bath game

With suction cups and rubber bands, entertain the children with pierced noodles! Make waterfalls!

7. A car seat footrest

Somebody had to think about it! Your kids will be much more comfortable sitting like this! A simple strap holds everything! A cut pool noodle and a half pool noodle on the first. Glue them with a hot glue gun.

8. Shopping carts

Cut it lengthwise and always have one in the car!

9. A water game

Amuse the children for hours, without having to spent a little fortune! Strong adhesive tape and your garden hose should do the trick!

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