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Powder or liquid laundry detergent: which one is better?

Powder or liquid laundry detergent: which one is better?
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Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to laundry detergents; powder, liquid, pods, bars... 

Before, we simply all used soap powder! But which option is the best? Here is a little comparison!

1. Powder Laundry Detergent

It is cheaper

This is the main reason people like it; its cost is lower than liquid soap! 

It is more effective against exterior stains

The main surfactant in powder detergent is linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS). It is very effective in removing exterior stains such as mud, dirt and grass.

Its shelf life is longer

Powder cleaners are more stable than liquids and retain their cleaning power much longer than liquids. Liquid soaps lose power when mixed with water. When you like to buy in bulk, powder is therefore to be preferred.

2. Liquid Laundry Detergent 

It is more effective against greasy or oily stains

The majority of liquid laundry soaps contain alcohol ethoxylates, which makes them more effective against stubborn oily stains.

It is more convenient

It is easier to pour a small amount of liquid soap into the washing machine than powder. Powdered soap usually comes in a heavy cardboard box, which is difficult to transport and tears easily, especially when wet. The packaging of liquid detergent is therefore more popular with many users.

Its packaging is less durable

Laundry powder containers do not transport as well, but their packaging is easily recycled. Plastic bottles too, but with a little more work!

It mixes better with water

Depending on the temperature of the water, soap powder can react differently. Some brands of that type of detergent do not dissolve well in cold water.

When you want to wash a lot of clothes in cold water, it is better to use liquid soap to prevent the clothes from shrinking, the colours fading and to avoid powder residue on the clothes.

In summary, both liquid soap and powder soap have their strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore better to make choices according to the intended uses.

In the best of all possible worlds, you can use both options!

Have a good laundry day!

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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