Tips and Tricks : Remove bad odors from your shoes
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Remove bad odors from your shoes

A simple and very economical tip!

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Shoes can smell bad because they have been wet and need a good cleaning, but it can also be a clue that you do not wash your feet often enough, or maybe you have athlete's foot or fungus on your feet.

In both of these cases, here is the how to remove bad odors in your shoes and some practical advice for problematic foot care.

Do you tend to have smelly feel often? You will find good tips to help you get rid of this problem, that may be embarrasing.

You will need:

- Cotton balls or super resistant paper towels

- White vinegar

How to do:

1) Soak the cotton balls into the white vinegar and dab the sole with cotton balls, so that it is moist, but not soggy

2) Let your shoes dry all night

3) Repeat this step if necessary, until the shoes don't smell bad

Some important tips for you:

1) If your feet smell bad, wash your feet every day with warm water with a antibacterial soap or a deodorant soap.

2) If you are persone who easily develops athlete's foot or nail fungus, make sure to dry your feet well before wearing on socks. If you are in a hurry, a good way to dry your feet is to use a hair dryer with cold air setting, to eliminate moisture before wearing your socks.

3) Wear white cotton socks and not black, colored or nylon socks.

4) Sprinkle baby powder (talc) on the feet before wearing the socks to absorb moisture and reduce bad odors.

5) Change your socks everyday.

6) If sports shoes make you sweat too much, choose a shoe with mesh on the sides to let your feet breathe.

7) If the shoe label indicates that they are washable, wash your shoes at least once a month

8) Store your shoes in a dry, lighted place. Dark closets are favorite places for bacteria.

9) Add packs of cedar shoe freshners in your shoes when you store them.

10) Buy charcoal deodorant insoles and replace them every three to six months.

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