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Rules you should follow for feeding birds in winter.

Rules you should follow for feeding birds in winter.
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For most birds, winter is probably the most difficult season. At this time of year, they have a much harder time finding food and also have to burn more calories to be able to weather the cold. That is why you should offer food that is higher in fat so the birds can survive the cold and stay as warm as possible. 

Here are some tips you should follow if you get feathered visitors this winter. 

  •  Always offer water and replace it regularly as it might freeze because of the low temperature. 
  • Try to replenish food twice a day: In the morning, early and early evening.
  •  Always present food in small quantities.
  •  Place the food out of the wind and the rain.
  • Space the food to avoid possible conflicts between the different species of birds.
  • Try to offer a mixture of seed such as sunflower seeds, hulled peanuts or peanut hearts, thistle seed, white millet seed and also peanut butter.
  • Clean your feeders a few times a year with hot water and soap. This will prevent the spread of diseases and kill germs. 

Mistakes you should avoid

  • Once you start with the feeding, do not stop it until spring arrives: Birds would be disturbed by this change as they have become accustomed to a fixed feeding point.
  • Do not give leftovers of your meals, they are often too salty, too sweet or too cooked for bird organisms.
  • Do not leave food for the birds on the ground if you or your neighbors have cats.
  • Do not place the feeders near the windows, the transparency of the latter is the cause of many fatal accidents for birds.

Do you get any visits from our bird friends during the colder months? Do you still feed them?

Source: Eddenya · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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