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She buys a pair of Flip Flop sandals for $1,99 and shows us how easy it's to transform them

She buys a pair of Flip Flop sandals for $1,99 and shows us how easy it's to transform them
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One of the greatest pleasures of summer is being able to walk around in light shoes or sandals without having to wear socks or close-toed shoes. If you're anything like me, you get a feeling of indescribable freedom as soon as you put your feet into those sandals as soon as the nice weather shows the tip of the nose.

Do you like wearing sandals with your short summer dresses or at the beach in summer ? With the trick that this woman shares with us in the video below, you will love wearing wearing your sandals even more than you already do !

Her trick is so simple and inexpensive that you can get a whole bunch and transform them all to get yourself a collection in all colors and styles, and arrange to wear them with all your dresses, summer outfits and bikinis. Isn't that the dream?! And, at a fraction of the price !

Imagine the Flip Flop collection you can have for next to nothing.

Thanks to this trick, they will be even more durable than the original versions. Still not convinced ?

The following video will convince you. In fact, in this video you can see what your transformed sandals will look like but in addition to that you'll also get to see all the steps you need to follow to transform them just like this woman knows how. You'll see! You're going to go nuts over this awesome trick !

See how easy it is to transform them, with so little material, in this beautiful video !

The Home Factory Youtube channel shows us how to make this transformation at home as well as the necessary hardware.

Let us know what you thought of this simple and creative trick in the comment section, Did you like it ? Are you going to try it ? Have you ever done something similar ?

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Have fun getting creative !

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