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She pours glue into a jar of nail polish to help her do her manicure

She pours glue into a jar of nail polish to help her do her manicure
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I just added "white glue" on my shopping list: I do not have it at home and I just see 2 ways I could use it by doing my nails.

I would never have thought of using glue to help me apply nail polish, but after seeing this video (which I will add at the end of the article), I realize that it is the best friend of beautiful manicures!

I am not particularly clever to apply nail polish, so I put nothing but transparent polish. That way, you can't see the drips!

But by putting glue all around the nail, as on the picture, the skin is protected from polish.

When you finish applying the polish on your nails, just remove the dry glue and ... your nails are perfectly done!

The 2nd way to use white glue is as a base coat!

Three-quarters of an empty jar of nail varnish should be filled with white glue and add 2 teaspoons of water to dilute the glue a little.

Apply this glue as a base, allow to dry and apply your varnish.

When you no longer want your nail polish, no need for a nail polish remover: simply scratch the varnish from the base of the nail upwards and it will remove itself!

It's the best 2 nail tips I've seen in a long time! It's going to make a real difference for me anyway. And you, do you have other things like this to help you do your manicure more easily?

You can watch these two tips in this video.

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