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Should you warm up your car before driving in very cold weather?

Should you warm up your car before driving in very cold weather?
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Winter is coming and cold weather is already back.

Of course, you have to dress warmly and heat up your homes, but should you warm up your car before hitting the road?

The idea can be tempting for many reasons, to get rid of frost and be able to drive while being warm.


The Tip Hero website, which quotes Popular Mechanics, believes that heating your car before you hit the road can be dangerous for your engine.

The website explains that the combustion engine works with a mixture of compressed air and gas vapors. Cold conditions can prevent the vaporization from working properly, and thus inject more fuel.

Thus, the gasoline will remove the oil required to coat the engine. It will also make you waste gas, and will cost you more.

Experts recommend that you only start your car a few seconds before you hit the road. Initially, drive slowly for the first few minutes to warm up your engine.


However, older cars that have carburetors should be reheated before they hit the road. Take the time to clear the snow and defrost your windows, and drive carefully!

Watch all the details in the video below: 

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