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Six exercises for getting rid of knee and foot pain forever

Six exercises for getting rid of knee and foot pain forever
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Many people suffer from knee problems. Keen pain is even the second leading cause of chronic pain in the United States. But fortunately, solutions exist.

Physical therapy can help strengthen your knees and prevent pain.

Here are six simple exercises you can do to avoid knee pain, but also other pains in your feet and hips.

1- The heel lift

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Get hold of a chair and raise one leg. Then gently lift the heel of the grounded foot off the floor, contracting your calf muscle.

Then gently put the heel back on the ground.

Perform 10 to 15 repetitions on each leg.

This exercise will strengthen your ankles and calves and work the muscles around your knee.

2- Toe walks

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An exercise that you can easily do at home, when doing household chores for example.

Simply walk on your toes at a fast pace. This will strengthen both your calves and your foot muscles.

Do this exercise for 5 to 15 minutes or until you get fatigued.

3- The ankle twist

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Sitting or standing, raise one leg.

Then slowly rotate your foot in a circular manner.

Repeat the exercise 10 times, rotating in both directions for each ankle.

4- Resistance training

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For this exercise, you will need an elastic resistance band.

Attach the band to a piece of furniture.

Sitting down, put one leg under the other, bending the knee.

Grab the band with the foot of the leg that is on top.

Then gently pull on the band by flexing your foot towards you.

Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times for each leg.

5- The toe games

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Make a ball with your toes.

Put a towel on the floor and catch it with your toes.

Also, you can put small pebbles on the floor and try to put them in a basket with your feet.

6- Walking on balls

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Take a tennis ball or a ball of a similar diameter.

Sit on a chair.

Put your foot on the ball and press down.

Then roll the ball under your foot.

And finally a bonus exercise.

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Accupression is an exercise used around the world. Place your two thumbs on the points shown on the drawing, one between the first and second toes and one between the fourth and fifth. Push with your thumbs, gently massaging for about 15 minutes.

These exercises will help to strengthen your muscles and avoid all sorts of pains!

Source: Brightside · Photo Credit: Brightside

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