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So far, this futurist's predictions have been proven to be 86% accurate.

So far, this futurist's predictions have been proven to be 86% accurate.
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Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist, writer and engineer at Google who specializes in the field of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, which is known for his technological predictions. Some of his predictions were hard to believe when he made them, but yet this visionary has a good "batting score."


Kurzweil published a report in 2010 analyzing his predictions from his three books which appeared in 1990, 1999 and 2005. It is said that of the author's 147 predictions, 115 were found to be completely correct, while 12 were generally correct, 17 were partially correct, and 3 were false. An accuracy rate of 86%.

Predictions that came true included the fall of the USSR, electronic assistants like Siri and Alexa, a computer that beat the world chess champion, and virtual and augmented reality systems.

Today, we invite you to take a look at this visionary's predictions for the 21st century. 


  • In developed countries, deadly diseases will be overcome in 95% of people.
  • Aging will slow down significantly and even reverse itself.


  • Computers will get smaller and smaller and gradually lose their usual shape, for example by becoming part of clothing.
  • We will see a new "world government of humanity" form.
  • We will see the appearance of “human bodies 2.0”, based on nanotechnology systems.
  • Each person will hear personalized audio advertisements, without the others picking up on these messages.


  • Computers will control military planes and road vehicles 100%.
  • New nanotechnology will emerge that will help us fully understand the human brain.


  • Owning robots at home will be as common as having a fridge.
  • It will be possible to perform an accurate computer simulation of all parts of the human brain.
  • Around this period, we will create an artificial intelligence that will be comparable to human intelligence.


  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will pass the "Turing test", confirming its ability to think like a human.
  • Virtual reality will have reached such a quality that it will then be impossible to distinguish it from “real reality”.
  • In medicine, nano-machines will be used extensively.
  • In terms of production, nanotechnologies will be so important that our economy will change drastically.
  • Food as we know it will become obsolete, because of the nano-robots which will be able to penetrate into the cells to nourish them and eliminate the waste.


  • We can “charge the mind”. This means that humans will be able to "live" on the Internet, while their bodies will be protected in reality or in virtual reality.
  • Virtual reality immersion equipment will no longer be used, as nanomachines will be implanted in the brain, interacting directly with brain cells.
  • This implantation of nano-machines in people's brains will greatly improve their cognitive and sensory capacities, in addition to their memory.
  • It will be possible to communicate by "telepathy", via wireless networks.
  • We will be able to change a person's memories and personality.
  • We will see the “human bodies 3.0” appear. These will not have a defined body shape and it will be possible to change their appearance at will.


  • Non-biological intelligence will surpass biological intelligence by billions of times.
  • Humans will be in virtual reality most of the time. Yes, we will get closer to the Matrix films ...
  • We will see several nano-robots able to organize themselves in groups.


    • Individuals can be updated and "unloaded" cybernetically.
    • You can buy a computer billions of times "smarter" than all of mankind put together for as little as $ 1,000.
    • These will be the beginnings of the technological singularity. That is, artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence and thus become the smartest and most powerful form of life on Earth.
    • This singularity will forever change the course of human history.
    • Mankind is unlikely to be destroyed by machines, because there will be no real difference between a human and a machine.

    2045 to 2099

    • Planet Earth will become a giant computer.
    • Those who wish to preserve their natural state will live in special reserves.
    • The speed of light will no longer be a limit for humans.
    • Artificial intelligence will expand its influence in the solar system and then in other galaxies.
    • The stars, planets and meteors will become a structured matter that will be able to generate life.
    • In 2099, machines will build computers the size of a planet.

    What do you think of his predictions? 

    Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Wikipedia

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