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Staying too long on the toilet can be dangerous, warns a surgeon

Staying too long on the toilet can be dangerous, warns a surgeon
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We all know people who, when they go to the bathroom to evacuate what all us humans must evacuate, stay there for a long time... a very long time.

Some people almost have a library or a magazine stand ready near the toilet. Or they settle in with their phone or even their laptop (and possibly, the charger too).

Some parents also might try to stay longer on the throne to get some solitude and peace ...

But according to a surgeon, staying on the toilet for a long time can be dangerous and even cause devastating physical problems! Especially if you've had that habit for a long time already.


Eleanor Atkins warns:

"Sitting on the toilet puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor. This can lead to weak muscles in this part of the body and at some point, there is a risk of rectal prolapse", says the doctor to UNILAD.

"This can lead to weakness of the pelvic floor muscles and possibly rectal prolapse. Pressure-linked damage is also a problem, especially for the elderly."

In short, it means that if you stay too long on the toilet and put too much pressure on your pelvic floor, your intestines may eventually fall back through the anal orifice, which is not at all a situation that we want to go through! Nobody wants to go to the emergency room and end up on the operating table for that.


What is the solution to this problem then? There aren't many: you must spend less time on the toilet! If you have constipation problems, consider adding more fiber to your diet, or talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your options.

If you are addicted to the games on your phone, just leave your device outside the bathroom so you will not be tempted to extend your stay.

And if you want to have a rest away from the kids... take a bath instead of pretending to be constipated!

And if your partner is used to locking themselves up too long, claiming urgent and long needs, have them read this text, to prevent the risks associated with their prolonged isolation!

Source: LAOWL · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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