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Stop buying ginger! Here's a simple way to grow it at home!

Stop buying ginger! Here's a simple way to grow it at home!
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Not only is ginger delicious in many recipes, it is also recognized for its multiple virtues and health benefits!

It's a great idea to incorporate ginger into your daily life, or cook more recipes containing ginger to improve your health.


  •  Relieving bloating
  • Helps relieve migraine
  • Relieves nausea
  • Helps lower blood sugar
  • Helps slow blood clotting
  • Helps relieve pain related to osteoarthritis and arthritis


  1. For best results, get rich soil from a nursery and use a large but shallow flowerpot as the roots will grow horizontally.
  2. Get ginger seeds from a garden center, as the ginger sold at the grocery store might be sprayed with a growth inhibitor to keep it from sprouting
  3. Soak the ginger roots in warm water overnight.
  4. Fill the flowerpot with rich but well-drained potting soil, then plant the ginger roots with the eye of the bud upwards and cover them with about 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 ") of soil.
  5. Make sure to water well.
  6. Place in a warm place where there is not much sun.
  7. Keep the soil always moist by watering it with a spray bottle.
  8.  Ginger takes time to grow. But after a few weeks you will see the shoots appear.
  9.  Keep the soil moist by watering with a spray container and keep warm until you get beautiful large ginger roots. 

Here's an easy way to improve your health with ginger!

Source: Blu Print · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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