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Stop spending money and use tea bags in your car instead of store-purchased air freshners

Stop spending money and use tea bags in your car instead of store-purchased air freshners
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It's a fact: cars do not smell always good! Gas, food, humidity, dust and sports bags make them quite smelly!

As we do not always have the time to clean our vehicle thoroughly, we often try to mask the unpleasant odors to make our trips more enjoyable.

However, air fresheners we buy in the supermarket are often aggressive for our sinuses and let's face it, the smells they diffuse are not always effective, and you can still smell bad odors in the car!

screenshot - YouTube - The One Pot Chef

So, what can we do to get rid of the unpleasant odor instead of trying to mask it with bad air freshener?

In this video, we suggest a simple trick, quite economical and very natural.

Use tea bags!

Opt for a flavor such as cinnamon or vanilla and put the tea bags in your car, under the seats and in a cup holder, for example.

Thus, nasty smells will not only be masked: they will disappear!

In the video, The One Pot Chef explains that tea bags are capable of absorbing moisture and therefore, to get rid of unpleasant odors.

For less than $5, you can clean up the air in your car for about a year!

screenshot - YouTube - The One Pot Chef

Obviously, this trick does not clean your vehicle. You can combine other techniques to ensure a fresh and pleasant air in the car. Here are some ways to control odors in your car.

The first thing we recommend is to clean your air conditioning system because it can release bacteria if it is dirty. The nasty smell from these bacteria will then be all over the rest of the car.It is good if you clean the air conditioning every 6 months.

The floor mats can also be responsible for unpleasant odors. Take them out and clean them regularly.

With a clean car and some tea bags, you can go for a long road trip without worrying about breathing nasty smells!

After reading this, what is your opinion on this tip? Please let us know in the comments section !

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