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Stop wasting food: 15 tips to keep your food fresh for longer.

Stop wasting food: 15 tips to keep your food fresh for longer.
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If you love doing your grocery shopping at Costco or just in bulk, you need these tips to make your food laster longer! 

These tips are great for those who shop for large packages because it’s cheaper or just take time to eat their fresh produce.

1. Bananas

Wrap your banana tails in plastic wrap to keep them for another 4 to 5 days.

Photo : Twitter/LindaQuinones3

2. Potatoes, onions and apples (POA)

The “POA” method consists in keeping these three foods separate and well away from other fruits and vegetables. These plants produce oxidizing gases that ripen other products more quickly. In the other hand, if want your fruits to ripe faster, place them with apples!

Photo : Flickr/Daniel Farrell

3. Meat

There was a sale on ground steak but you only ate a little bit of it? To avoid losing the rest, freeze it! But rather than putting everything in one block in the freezer bag, make portions, taking care to remove all the air from the bag before putting it in the freezer. You will only have to take what you need instead of defrosting everything.

Photo : Pinterest

4. Cake

The cake you have prepared with so much love can be eaten several days after being taken out of the oven. Whether you leave it at room temperature or in the fridge, add slices of sliced bread to the open parts to prevent them from drying. Secure them with toothpicks if necessary. Works with store-bought cake too!

5. Onions

Take stockings or tights and slide your onions in, separating them with knots and hang them vertically. It’s very weird indeed, and we all come to wonder: "But who had this idea ?!". However, it will keep your onions firm for more than eight months!

Photo :Twitter/Chellebab

6. Honey

Honey is rot-proof. That means it doesn't rot. As long as the jar is properly closed, of course.

7. Root vegetables 

Put your root vegetables in sand! It may seem (very) weird but it works! You can keep them for several months by putting them a small sandbox!

Photo : Twitter/backyardboss

8. Apples

If you don't eat them every day and you don't feel like making a pie, you can store them in a cool, slightly damp place, such as a basement. But know that your fridge also fulfills this task perfectly. Your apples can thus be kept for more than six months!

Photo : Twitter/wordsfromsarah

9. Milk-based creams

Like white cheese, fresh cream ... You can keep them twice as long by putting the jars upside down in your fridge. This reduces contact with air and the development of bacteria will therefore be reduced!

Photo :Flickr/Phil Long

10. Tomatoes

It's out of the fridge! In cool temperature, they lose their firmness and all become wrinkled. Leave them at room temperature, they will keep their freshness longer.

11. Milk

You can freeze milk if you got it on sale or just bought in bulk. You can even put it in an ice cube tray to have small portions!

12. Green onions

Remember to put them in a glass or jar of water when you buy them. It doesn't matter if they grow in it. Cut little by little what you need, the rest is will take care of itself alone!

Photo : Flickr/saiberiac

13. Leaf vegetables

Like salad, spinach, cabbage ... To keep them fresh and firm longer, wrap your vegetable with a sheet of paper towel which will absorb the humidity and keep the crunchiness.For salad, the ideal is also to store it in a closed container like jar or a ziploc bag.

Photo : Pinterest

14. Freezing bags

Before putting your vegetables in the freezer, blanch them! The easiest method if you do not have any special equipment is to boil a large amount of water (2.8 L of water) in a saucepan, pour the vegetables in it and boil without lid. 

Photo : Twitter/bkgcadecga

15. Glass jars

They are perfect for storage for three reasons: they do not stain, they are easy to wash and dirt does not get stuck in them. Stop buying Tupperware! You will recycle and your fruits and vegetables will be better preserved!

Photo : Flickr/Steven Depolo

We hope these tips will prevent wasting in your home! That way you will save money and food! 

Source: L'astucerie · Photo Credit: L'astucerie

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