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Studies show that kids inherit intelligence from the mother.

 Studies show that kids inherit intelligence from the mother.
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According to multiple studies, it is the X chromosome that is responsible for carrying intelligence. As you might already know, women have two of  these chromosomes (XX) while men have only one (XY). Meaning that mothers are twice as likely to pass down intelligence to their children than the fathers are!

One of the study at the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow also show that kids' IQs tend to be more similar to their mothers' rather than the fathers. All the moms out there have a good argument to win the debate now! 

Kids between the ages 14 to 22 were interviewed every year and the researches found that the best predictor of intelligence was their mothers even taking into account various factors such as education and socio-economic status. The mothers and children IQ's were about 15 points different.


However, not everybody seems to agree with these findings. Other studies show that genetics are not the only factor in determining a child's intelligence. Psychology Spot estimated that only 40-60 percent of intelligence is hereditary and the rest would come from the environment the child is growing into. A good news for dads! If they want to play a role in their kids intellectual development they should play and teach them new skills. 

What did you child get after you? Good looks or brains? 

Source: Mirror · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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