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Take a look at how this woman transformed old house doors for under $20!

Take a look at how this woman transformed old house doors for under $20!
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Everyone feels the need, from time to time, to give their home a little makeover. But the budget does not always allow the ambitions! But there is always the option to find simple and economical tips, which still allow to change the home without breaking the bank.

One of the elements often overlooked in decoration or renovation projects are doors! They are often lacking in love and can remain unchanged for decades, which can make your whole house look old. 


Popular blogger Sherri, from Thrifty Artsy Girl, had enough of her bland ordinary doors. She wanted to modernize them without breaking the bank. And she did by spending only twenty dollars!

Here's how she did it.


  • A saw and a miter box
  • A bracket
  • Construction glue
  • Moldings
  • A tape measure

Optional: New door handles


1. Mark the spots where the moldings will be placed.

2. Using the miter box and the saw, measure and cut the decorative moldings to match the marks you made previously.

3. Glue the trim to the door with construction glue for wood and wipe off any excess. Let dry.

4. Paint the trim to match the rest of the door.

5. If desired, change buddies handles.

It's crazy how this fairly simple operation instantly rejuvenates a place! In addition, it is much more ecological to recover like this! There is no waste!

Thrifty Artsy Girl

If you have several doors to upgrade, obviously the costs will be higher in the end. But it's always cheaper than changing everything!

Be creative by choosing a daring color or installing original moldings.

Have fun!

If you want an even more original door transformation, watch the following tutorial:

Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: YouTube

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