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TEST: The first image you will see indicates the mental power you have!

TEST: The first image you will see indicates the mental power you have!
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According to neuropsychologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry, the two hemispheres of the brain (left and right) work differently. Moreover, our way of thinking largely depends on our dominant hemisphere. This is why there are many tests aiming to identify which hemisphere people use the most and thus describe their personality.

Here is one of those tests, which should pinpoint your dominant way of thinking.

Look at this picture and then read the result that matches with what you saw first.

Do not cheat!

Look at this picture. Which animal do you see first?

source: Sympa

Go to the bottom of the page to read how your mind works, according to the animal you spotted first.

source: Adobe

1. The head of a tiger

source: Sympa

If you saw the tiger first, it is the left hemisphere of your brain that is more active. You have an analytical personality, which is very much goal oriented and organized.

When you face a problem, you tend to use logic and objectivity, and to calculate.

However, you might think too hard about the decisions you make, making sure they are correct, which tends to make you inflexible. Remember that a little humility will get you far.

Your most noticed personality traits:

Organized: You do things in a planned way, as if you always had a list of things to do.

Precise: You have fixed goals and you know the path to reach them.

Lucid: Emotions and feelings do not prevent you from achieving your goals.

Logic: You are good at mathematics, science and organizing ideas.

Realistic: Your world is very real. There is no room for fairy tales or fiction. Even if your goals may seem high to others, you know they are achievable.

2. A suspended monkey

source: Sympa

If it's the monkey you spotted first, the right hemisphere of your brain is very active. You are a creative person with a lot of innovative ideas. When you face a difficult situation, you trust your intuition (and you're almost always right!) instead of relying on critical thinking.

You know perfectly well that every step you take in life is a lesson for you and that even if you lose, you are moving towards your goals. For you, the trip is more important than the destination. Since you have a dreaming personality, you often lose yourself in your own paradise.

For you, it will be necessary to keep your feet on Earth from time to time, to be aware of reality and to pay a little more attention to the world around you.

Your most noticed personality traits:

Impulsive: You do things spontaneously. You have the ability to see everything in a different way.

Sensitive: You worry a lot about everything and spend a lot of time thinking. You act based on your feelings.

Creative and artistic: You are an expert in music, art or other creative disciplines.

Intuitive: You do not make a list of tasks to be carried out and you do not respect the rules. You solve problems intuitively.

Dreamer: You have dreams instead of goals, and you dedicate yourself to achieving them. Usually, it's a success.

Remember that the two hemispheres of the brain do not work in isolation; they work together and are complementary. So, even if it seems like you have characteristics typical to one particular hemisphere, it is also possible that you have characteristics from the other.

What did you see first? Do your personality traits coincide with the descriptions given?

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