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The 10 most adorable little animals that you probably didn't even know exist!

 The 10 most adorable little animals that you probably didn't even know exist!
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There is so many unknown animals on the planet and some of them are really cute! Here is a selection of only 10 very cute animals that people often didn't even know existed! So cute!

1. Long-tailed tit ⠀

This adorable bird originate from Japan and grows to be only around 6 inches! It might look like cotton candy but they are very acrobatic! They will even hang upside down when they search for food. Cute!

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2. Ezo Momonga

Another cute animal coming from Japan! They will only get about 8 inch tall and are absolutely adorable! 

3. Pika

Pikas can be find in Asia but also North America! They love cold and in fact might die if the temperature exceeds  77.9°F (25.5°C)!

4. White weasel

How cute and tiny! But beware they are active predators! 

5. Sand cat

Like their name imply, sand cats live in sandy and stony deserts very far from water source. They are mostly found in the Arabian peninsula and the Middle East. Adorable! 

6. Blue-footed booby

This bird live in the Pacific Ocean and has majestic blue feet! Fun fact: the females are attracted to younger males because of their brighter feet!

7. American marten

Awww! These can be found in the forests of North American on trees but also underwater as they are excellent swimmers!

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8. Coati

This mammals originate from South America but can be found in Central America, Mexico and even the southwestern USA! Fun fact: when they sleep they tuck their noses into their bellies! But be aware they are fierce fighters if provoked! They even have sharp canine teeth!

9. Short-eared elephant shrew

Awww! These small mammals are only about 6 inches long and are the fastest of the small mammals! They are in fact more related to elephants than shrews. 

10. African Pygmy Falcon

This cute falcon lives in east and south Africa and is only 8 inches long. They are the smallest raptor on the whole African continent!

So cute! Do you have a favourite?

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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