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The 13 most unusual houses from around the world.

The 13 most unusual houses from around the world.
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Let's do a little virtual traveling around the world and visit the most unusual houses! 

1.  Broons’ House, Scotland

This mysterious house is located on Loch Shin near the village of Lairg. The full history of the home is available here

flickr - rustyruth1959

2. The smallest house, Czech Republic

This small home is only 2.25 meters/7.4 foot wide! It was built in the 19 century and is now being used as a vestibule. 


3. Thousand Islands House, USA/Canada

Did you know that there are 1,864 islands in the archipelago on the USA and Canada border? And people actually live on them! 


4. Smallest House in the World, Berlin

The area of this house is only 1 square meter/ 10 square foot. But enough to have its own door, window, and a chair. 


5. Steve Areen’s house, Thailand

This dome home is popular across the whole world.  It was build on a mango form and only cost the owner $9,000. 


6. Groundfridge

As you can tell by its name, this "house" is a fridge underground! It provides a constant temperature and you can use it to shelter from the rain if needed! 


7. Walking House 

The name says it all! 


8. Pier House, Great Britain

This house is actually featured in the Guinness Book of Records! The last person to live there had unfortunately to move out due to the low ceilings.  Now everybody can visit it as it has been transformed into a museum! 


9. Snowboarders’ Eco-Houses

These tiny homes are only build using eco materials! 

Mike Basich
Mike Basich

10. Boeing Hotel, Costa Rica

It seems like a rusty 1965 Boeing makes a very cute hotel room! 


11. Exbury Egg, Beaulieu River, UK

This egg-shaped eco-house can be located anywhere, even on water! 

Exbury Egg

12. Foldable houses, the Netherlands

It might be unbelievable but you can fold and unfold these houses in just a day! They look very modern too!


13. UFOGEL eco-villa, the Alps

The name comes from UFO (unidentified flying object) and Vogel (a bird) and explains perfectly the home! 


Can you see yourself live in one of these houses? Which one is your favourite? 

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Florisschoonderbeek

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