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The 7 etiquette rules you should follow when leaving a hotel room.

The 7 etiquette rules you should follow when leaving a hotel room.
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According to recent statistics, the most enthusiastic travelers spend an average of 88 nights in hotels each year. And hotels around the world are doing their very best to make their rooms feel like another home for their customers. However, many people fail to realize even if you are paying for a hotel room it does not mean you can disrespect and do anything.

Here is a short list of some rules that everyone should follow before leaving a hotel. This is simply the etiquette!

1. Do not fold dirty towels

It is better to leave the used towels in a fairly specific place, such as the bathtub or a corner of the bathroom floor, to facilitate their collection for cleaning. They should not be folded and placed on a shelf, otherwise it will be difficult to know whether they have been used or not.

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2. Do not make the bed

If it is polite to do a little basic cleaning before leaving the hotel room, like removing hair from the drain and cleaning body fluids from different surfaces. It is crazy to think that some people do not even flush after using them! However, it is not necessary to make the bed because the hotel cleaning staff will still have to un-do it to collect the sheets and comforters. 

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3. Leave a tip

Tips are much appreciated in all the service sector, as wages are generally lower and work can be quite difficult. Therefore it is important to remember to thank the people who provided you with a comfortable stay with a tip. Remember that different people can clean your room each day; so you can leave a tip daily, not just at the end of your stay.

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4. Collect the garbage

When you leave, do not leave your garbage everywhere, but rather in the trash can. It will take a long time for the cleaning ladies to collect all the bottles and waste in the room. If you have a lot of them, you can ask for a plastic bag to store everything, which many travelers already do.

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5. Open the windows to let in fresh air

Housekeepers must clean the rooms very quickly, so that other guests can check in, and it is not always easy to ventilate the space. You'll do them a lot a big favour by leaving the windows open to freshen the air in the room. This is even confirmed by hotel managers. During the warm months of the year, you can even turn on the air conditioning.

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6. Rearrange all furniture and accessories as you found them when you arrived

You should place the TV remote control on the TV cabinet, cutlery on the table and chairs in their place. A cleaning lady has about 20 to 30 minutes to make the room perfect, so organizing the small things will really make her job easier.

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7. Don't use what you don't really need

If you are traveling solo and you inherit a room with 2 beds, do not use both. You can very well settle for just one bed, and that won't create extra work for the cleaning ladies. It's also valid to anything that can remain intact, such as small soaps, duplicate cups or towels.

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And you? What do you usually do before you leave a hotel room?

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